Dr. Lawrence Woods
24 Upper Mount Street
Dublin 2, Ireland

Lawrence is a doctor, author, and inventor. He was born and raised by his Irish parents in New Jersey. At a young age, his youngest brother was diagnosed with an illness that would result in him losing his brother. As a main carer for his brother, he witnessed a plethora of the latest treatments, therapies, and surgeries, but none of which would inevitably help him enough.

Guided by his younger brother, Lawrence set off on a thirty year journey through conventional and alternative care to study why people are healthy. His journey led him to the understanding of body mechanics and its relationship to maximizing human awareness and potential. Lawrence believes that your body structure is an essential link to your health and yet all too often overlooked. He feels that by changing simple things, people are capable of freeing themselves from discomfort and attaining a more robust body than they ever imagined possible.

Rather than masking symptoms, he believes in getting to the root of the issue. The problem is frequently a movement pattern breakdown. Modern conveniences, technology, seats, cars etc. have all permitted us to adapt insidiously to our lifestyle, so Lawrence created treatments and  lifestyle solutions that helps you re-adapt positively and take active steps in changing your movement patterns.