(01) 254 8300

(01) 254 8300


We welcome our patients in with a professional staff at Spinal Decompression Ireland. A comfortable physical and psychological environment is provided by our patients’ well-equipped, spacious examination rooms and treatment rooms. 

It is our belief that a doctor’s visit, particularly for someone who is in pain, should reduce anxiety rather than cause it. We invite you to experience how intelligent and sensitive care should be.

The work of our doctors and therapists is long-term and challenging. Maintaining it takes a love for it. Because your patient’s lives are directly affected by the care you give, you cannot slack off. It’s important to maximize your efficiency with the tools you have so as not to compromise the quality of the service you provide.

It is possible to achieve optimal performance through quality therapies, and the advances in technology can help make the process even more efficient. 

In pain, the effort to come can be quite stressful, but when you gain back your freedom of movement, the effort will be worth it.

Your therapists will guide you at the end of your spinal decompression therapy program as to what comes next. Following the program is essential. Prevention is better than cure, right? Of course it is. As long as you follow the preventative measures and perform the recommended exercises, you won’t have a relapse. 

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for top-notch spinal decompression therapy in Dublin, Ireland. We help you achieve your goals with our years of experience, constant advancements, courtesy, and effective individualized programs.

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