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A/C Joint Sprain Treatment | Dublin, Ireland

If you’ve ever had shoulder pain, you know how debilitating it can be. Even the simplest tasks become impossible when your shoulder is hurting. And if the pain is bad enough, it can even keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. So what can you do to find relief? 

As a general rule, treatment for an A/C Joint Sprain can involve using laser therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and physiotherapy. These methods work together to reduce inflammation, increase mobility, and improve overall joint function.

One possibility is that you have a joint sprain. This occurs when the ligaments that hold your bones together are stretched beyond their normal capacity. It’s a common injury, particularly in athletes, but anyone can suffer from a joint sprain. Chiropractic care may be able to help relieve your pain and get you back to your normal activities.

What is an A/C joint sprain?

Chiropractor treatments for shoulder pain due to Joint Sprain can provide a safe and effective outcome without the need for painful surgical or invasive procedures. Chiropractors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries to ligaments, tendons and other joint issues with simplicity using non-surgical means. The lumbar is a common area where Chiropractors treat patients with Joint Sprain safely, while also providing muscle relaxation techniques, enhanced range of motion, improved posture and comfort. Chiropractor treatments are highly valuable as they are customized to minimize recovery time by focusing on the symptoms associated with Joint Sprain. With Chiropractor guidance and care, symptom relief from this condition can be found without costly medical claims.

How does it happen?

Shoulder pain can be caused by a wide range of issues, one of which is a joint sprain. Chiropractic treatment can offer relief from such joint sprains in your shoulder while also helping to speed up the healing process. As it is a non-surgical and non-invasive approach, Chiropractors use treatment of muscle or ligament tension or sprain in the lumbar area to relieve the chronic discomfort that results from this type of pain. Chiropractic adjustments can help to reduce inflammation, relieve pressure off pinched nerves and give the body a chance to start regenerating damaged tissues so you can regain your mobility once more.

What are the symptoms of an a/c joint sprain?

As a Chiropractor, I can tell you that a shoulder joint sprain can result in a wide array of symptoms. These symptoms include pain when lifting the arm above the head, difficulty doing everyday tasks, or feeling of the shoulder not fitting correctly like it used to. You might even feel tenderness when pressing on the area around the shoulder blades or near the base of your neck. Chiropractic treatment can be an effective and non-invasive way to manage shoulder pain caused by a/c joint sprains with regular sessions. Through Chiropractic manipulation and adjustments it is possible to reduce inflammation, provide relief, and improve movement patterns – all without having to go through surgery or take any medications.

How long does it take to heal?

As a Chiropractor, one of the questions I get asked most often when it comes to shoulder joint pain or sprains is how long it takes to heal. When shoulder pain and sprains are managed with Chiropractic care, treatment is non-surgical, non-invasive and designed for lasting results in the long term. Recovery time depends on the type of injury sustained and its severity. Generally speaking though, Chiropractic treatment leads to a rapid reduction of pain paired with more flexibility in joints and an overall sense of mobility. This means that you can go about your daily activities faster after Chiropractic treatments, making them much more ideal than other options when treating joint sprains due to shoulder pain.

Can I treat it myself with home remedies or do I need to see a chiropractor? 

Joint sprains are incredibly common, especially when it comes to our shoulders. Unless they are severe, they can often be treated without surgery or any other invasive procedures! Chiropractic care is an excellent option, as it centres around non-invasive treatments that focus on joint alignment. Chiropractors can identify the source of your shoulder pain and work with you to improve joint function and reduce any discomfort. They will typically use various manual adjustments and treatments unique to your case to help create a plan custom fit for your needs and goals. As always, if at-home remedies do not provide you with the relief you need, consulting with a chiropractor is likely the best next step towards creating a healthier body.

What will the chiropractor do to treat my A/C joint sprain?

Chiropractic treatment is a safe and non-surgical approach to treating a/c joint sprains. As a chiropractor, I’ll help regain your range of motion, reduce pain, and bring the joint back to its normal functioning level. Through selected exercises specially tailored to your sprain type, we can reduce inflammation, restore strength and flexibility in the surrounding muscles and begin the healing process. We use gentle but effective manipulation methods such as muscle stimulation or surgery-free joint mobilization to ease pain and repair ligament damage. Chiropractic care can help you feel better quickly without any medical claims – just be sure to allow sufficient time for recovery before returning to physical activity.

A shoulder sprain is a common injury, especially if you play sports or participate in other physical activities. The best way to treat a shoulder sprain is to see a chiropractor. They will be able to reduce the pain and swelling and help your shoulder heal correctly.

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