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Shingles Pain Treatment | Dublin, Ireland

What Are Shingles and What Are the Symptoms?

Shingles is a very painful condition caused by the varicella-zoster virus, which is the same virus that causes chickenpox. After initial infection with chickenpox, the virus may remain dormant in certain nerve cells of the body for years, and cause shingles later in life. Shingles usually start as a rash on one side of the face or body, which usually develops into itchy blisters that can be extremely painful. Other symptoms of shingles include fever, headache, fatigue and sensitivity to light. In some cases, shingles can cause severe nerve pain that can last for months or even years after the rash has gone away. Treatment typically includes antiviral medications to help reduce pain and speed up healing. In addition, rest and pain relievers are typically recommended to help manage symptoms.

As a general rule, laser therapy is a good treatment option for shingles, which uses laser light to reduce symptoms and speed up the healing process.

How Laser Treatment Can Help Reduce the Severity of Shingles?

Laser treatment is a form of light therapy that can be used to reduce the severity of shingles pain. During this procedure, low-level laser light is applied directly to the area affected by shingles. This helps reduce inflammation, which in turn reduces pain. Laser treatment has been shown to improve recovery time and reduce the risk of nerve damage associated with shingles. It can also help reduce scarring from the rash and may even decrease the chances of postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), a painful condition often caused by shingles. In addition, laser treatment offers an alternative for those who cannot take antiviral medications due to allergies or other medical conditions.

What Are the Risks Associated With Laser Treatment for Shingles?

Laser treatment for shingles is generally considered safe, but there are some risks associated with it. These include skin irritation, burns, and risk of infection. It is important to talk to a doctor before getting laser therapy for shingles in order to make sure that the procedure will be safe and effective for you. Additionally, it is advisable to follow all instructions given by your doctor and avoid exposure to direct sunlight after the procedure is complete. The potential side effects should be weighed against the potential benefits of laser treatment when deciding whether or not this type of therapy is right for you.

The Cost of Laser Treatment for Shingles

The cost of laser treatment for shingles varies depending on the severity of your condition, the area being treated and the type of equipment used. Generally, treatments can range from $80 to $185 dollars per session. It is important to discuss these costs with your doctor before deciding whether or not to pursue this option. Additionally, insurance coverage may be available for this form of therapy. Be sure to check with your health plan in order to find out if laser treatment for shingles is covered under your policy. Ultimately, each individual must weigh the potential risks and benefits when considering laser treatment as an option for managing their shingles symptoms. The decision should be based on personal preferences, medical history and overall goals for recovery.

How to Find a Qualified Doctor to Provide Laser Treatment for Shingles

It is important to find a qualified doctor that has experience with laser treatment for shingles. Your primary care physician can refer you to a specialist or you may be able to search online for doctors in your area who offer this type of therapy. Additionally, most dermatology centres and hospitals have physicians on staff who specialize in laser treatments. Once you have identified potential providers, it is important to research their backgrounds and credentials before making a decision. Be sure to ask any questions you may have so that you can make an informed decision about the best treatment option for your needs. Additionally, it is always advisable to seek out multiple opinions before deciding on any particular course of treatment. With the right provider and proper care, laser treatment can provide relief from the pain and discomfort associated with shingles.

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